Pins & Pointed Wires


Pins and Pointed Wire Products

At RAMSCO, we manufacture metal pins and wire products for every purpose. We supply pins and points in lengths from approximately 1/8″ to 24″ and diameters from .020″ to 7/16″. The tolerance on lengths is ±.010”, and diameters ±.001” – other parts have flexible tolerances as required.

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RAMSCO Pins and Pointed Wires

…feature the following primary configurations:

Straight Pins – Meta pins manufactured to a tapered point.  We stock millions of pins in thousands of different sizes with diameters, lengths, tapers, and materials to suit your end use. We manufacture pins for our pinned rolls, pinned bars, wheels, perforator rolls, and customized two-piece pins.

Set Screw Pins – 2-piece slotted top sharp point pin combinations. A versatile set screw base available in hundreds of catalog configurations.

Folder Pins – 2-piece, shouldered base pins with small thread patterns designed for the printing and converting industries.

Threaded Base Pins – Single and two-piece pins manufactured for use across many industrial sectors with various points and base configurations.


We manufacture pins and pointed wire products from round wire made of many materials, including:

  • Basic steel
  • Low, medium, and high carbon steel
  • Tool steel
  • Music wire
  • Moden
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Tungsten
  • Exotic/unusual materials
  • Stainless Steel

Finishes and Treatments

Secondary treatments and services for pins and pointed wire products offered at our New Jersey plant include:

  • Heat treatment
  • Polish (regular or bright)
  • Knurling, bending, flattening, threading, forming, milling, tumbling, drilling, plating, annealing, and tempering
  • Sub-assembly
  • Round “regular stock” steel pin drilling
  • Softened cut wires with close tolerances
  • Straightening and cutting of wires up to 30” inches

Job Sizes

Manufacturing large quantities of pins and pointed wire products is our specialty, and we prioritize absolute quality and reasonable cost for every lot. RAMSCO anticipates customers’ needs by stocking over 2,600 different sizes and styles of pins for immediate delivery. We offer delivery by drop ship or bulk package, and by count, weight, or envelope.

Visit RAMSCO’s online catalog for a comprehensive list of our pin and pointed wire product offerings.