Custom Precision Pointed Parts


Custom Precision Pointed Parts

RAMSCO offers truly bespoke precision parts for customers worldwide. Point customization options can be found in RAMSCO’s comprehensive product catalogs, [Pin Catalog (#14), Pinned Roll Catalog (#27)], and are available to any client, for any job. We offer bespoke manufacturing with close tolerances and expert finishing on each unique product.

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RAMSCO Custom Precision Manufacturing


  • Any pin arrangement on pin rolls, including specialized patterns and angles of projection on rolls 4-6 ft.
  • Access to 2250 sizes of treated tool steel points for use on cylinders and rolls, plus the option for manufacturing custom pins, hooks, points, and teeth.
  • Precision manufacturing of pointed parts small and large.
  • Adaptations of our catalog parts to specific customer needs through variation in pin diameter, projection, taper length and type, the material of construction, finishes, and threaded base dimensions.
  • Minimal run custom pin orders (1 to 100 pieces) within our scope of services for new and existing customers.
  • Non-standard metals and finishes are available on all custom parts.
  • We gladly furnish bespoke non-pointed parts.
  • Honest, straightforward consultation with members of the RAMSCO team.


We will quickly calculate a quote for the exact part you need custom manufactured. Simply send us blueprints or sketches along with a material sample (if possible) and we will respond promptly.

RAMSCO is committed to our customers’ privacy and we prioritize protecting the details of every order we fill. Client information is treated sensitively and respectfully, and we never disclose business or customer names, addresses, product orders, or sales.

Rest assured that when you choose RAMSCO, you’re choosing personal and professional privacy.