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At RAMSCO, quality and economy go hand-in-hand. Large quantity orders are our specialty and can be produced at reasonable rates. We also stock varying quantities of over 2,600 different pins, rollers, wheels and wires – with many sizes in quantities of up to 100,000 pieces or more.

Every pin we manufacture is polished and bright finished; most of our stock parts are heat treated, or can be if required. We supply pins and points in lengths from approximately 1/8″ to 24″ and diameters from .020″ to 7/16″. Our rolls can be custom manufactured from 4-6ft in length. Custom-sized components are made with care to meet your exact specifications.

We manufacture products from round wire of many materials, including:

  • Basic steel
  • Low, medium, and high carbon steel
  • Tool steel
  • Music wire
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Tungsten
  • Exotic/unusual materials

Pinned Rolls and Bars

RAMSCO pinned rolls are skillfully designed and manufactured to withstand extreme temperature conditions and are suitable for wet or dry use. The accuracy with which pins are placed on our rolls ensures that punctures and perforations are smooth, clean, and regular, cycle after cycle. Pins, points, and teeth can be placed in any configuration on a roll, and custom pin angles or spacings are accommodated.


Pins & Pointed Wire Products

We specialize in the production of metal pins and wire products. RAMSCO’s state-of-the-art New Jersey shop is capable of manufacturing huge quantities of pins and pointed wire products. In every lot, we prioritize absolute quality and reasonable cost. Additionally, we anticipate customers’ needs by stocking over 2,600 different sizes and styles of pins for immediate delivery.

Custom Precision Pointed Parts

RAMSCO offers truly bespoke precision parts for customers worldwide. Point customization options can be found in RAMSCO’s comprehensive product catalogs, [Pin Catalog (#14), Pinned Roll Catalog (#27)], and are available to any client, for any job. We offer bespoke manufacturing with close tolerances and expert finishing on each unique product. Private information is treated sensitively and respectfully, and we never disclose business or customer names, addresses, product orders, or sales.


Perforator Wheels

RAMSCO perforator wheels are primarily used in the shrink wrap packaging industry to allow the escape of entrapped air from within the wrap. Our perforator wheels are the parts of choice for machine OEMs and servicing distributors alike.

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