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Robert A. Main & Sons Manufacturing LLC


Robert A. Main & Sons Manufacturing, LLC has been in business for over 50 years providing manufacturing companies with our quality products. Our business philosophy is simple – We provide quality products at competitive prices and serve our customers with prompt service and deal with honesty and integrity. We strive to be the BEST at what we do. Our quality products include – Pins and Pointed Wire Products, Perforating Rolls, Dewrinkling Rolls, Pinned Assemblies, Hackles, Combs, and Belting. We specialize in making products to your exact requirements.

Precision Pin Production

About Us

Founded in 1955, Robert A. Main & Sons Manufacturing LLC (RAMSCO) is an established manufacturer of pins, pointed wire products, pinned rolls, perforator wheels, and custom precision pointed parts for discerning customers worldwide. From perforating rollers to newspaper pins to hackles and combs, family-owned RAMSCO is a trusted partner in providing quality products at competitive prices. We produce bespoke pins for any application and boast ready-to-ship stock of millions of pins in thousands of sizes. RAMSCO is dedicated to ensuring that our American-made products are manufactured with integrity and delivered promptly. For the precise pins you need, turn to RAMSCO – The Men of Steel!


RAMSCO Products

At RAMSCO, quality and economy go hand-in-hand. Large quantity orders are our specialty and can be produced at reasonable rates. We also stock varying quantities of over 2,600 different pins, rollers, wheels and wires – with many sizes in quantities of up to 100,000 pieces or more.