Pinned Rolls And Bars


Pinned Rolls And Bars

Manufacturing companies frequently use pin rollers to perforate or puncture workpieces and objects. Every perforation job is different, and so are the specifications of the roll for the job. RAMSCO offers many standard sizes of pinned rollers, tubes, pinned shells, shaft-mounted rolls, de-lumping rolls, shredding rolls, breaker/mixer rolls, and even hand rollers. Rolls are available in steel, aluminum, chrome, and various other metals.
If our hundreds of standard rolls don’t meet customers’ needs, our removable, replaceable, repinnable rolls and cylinders are available for customization to whatever specifications are necessary.

RAMSCO Pinned Rolls

…are skillfully designed and manufactured to withstand extreme temperature conditions and are suitable for wet or dry use. The accuracy with which pins are placed on our rolls ensures that punctures and perforations are smooth, clean, and regular, cycle after cycle. Pins, points, and teeth can be placed in any configuration, and any pin angle or spacing specs are accommodated. Additionally, we make an effort to engineer products to facilitate future repinning.

RAMSCO’s high-quality pinned rolls and perforating devices penetrate material and push it aside. We can perforate a sample of your material to show you the exact kind of hole your roll will create. Additionally, we provide re-pinning services for most manufactured rolls. For more information about RAMSCO pinned rolls, contact us today.

Our pinned products are manufactured in our Fair Lawn, New Jersey factory. Precision rolls, wheels, and bars are manufactured on site from tube or bar stock prior to precise CNC-controlled drilling operations in the roll itself or removable sleeves. Tapping is performed for removable pin rolls and set screw locations. Pins are installed at consistent projections across the face of the roll.

Our pinned roll styles can be chosen to best suit your operations:

  • Type H-16 Perforating RollPins are directly installed into the roller.
  • Type U-031 Perforating Roller – Threaded base removable set screw style pins are fastened to the roller.
  • Type RWV-11 Perforating Roller – Flat-head threaded base removable pins are attached to the roller.
  • Type S-119 Perforating RollerPinned shells are slip fit over a steel shaft. Pinned shells are removable for replacement or re-pinning.

Additional pinned roll styles are featured in our catalog. We can manufacture any pin arrangement on pin rolls, including specialized pin patterns and angles of pin projection on rolls 4-6 ft. We have access to thousands of sizes of treated tool steel points for use on cylinders and rolls.

Pinned Bars, Combs, Hackles, and Pinned Wheels & Hand Rollers

We have access to thousands of sizes of treated tool steel points for use on pinned bars, combs, hackles, and pinned wheels, plus the option for manufacturing custom pins, hooks, points, and teeth.

Pinned bars of any shape or size can be manufactured for our customers.

Combs and hackles are available in standard and custom configurations.

We offer common variations in perforation wheel design, including perforation wheels with internal bearings and flush sides, wheels with hub and set-screws, and wheels with hubs and bearings.

To order a custom roller or wheel, contact RAMSCO and indicate the following:

  1. Number of pins across the face of roller/wheel
  2. Number of pins around the circumference of roller/wheel in each row
  3. Pin description – diameter, taper, and projection from face
  4. Wheel material
  5. Required OD, ID, and width measurements