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RAMSCO manufactures pins and pinned products in all types of assemblies for limitless uses. Our pins comb fibers in the textile industry, smooth in the brush-making industry, and create holes in materials in countless other applications. Our pins are used as locator pins, assembly pins, air release pins – the options are endless.


Pins and wires are crucial to the electronics industry for one obvious reason: their conductivity. As electricity travels through a circuit, whether it’s in a video game console or a vacuum cleaner, contact points, discharge pins, and terminal pins can make or break the electricity’s journey. Additional RAMSCO components for use in the electronics industry include steel contact points, nail head discharge pins, pointer pins, wire cable harness assembly pins, electrical assembly pins, screw-in bases, discharge pins, and holding pins.


A packaging pin collates plastic, corrugated, and compressed fiber packaging materials for ease of assembly. Split pins, pin rolls, pin holders, and inserting tools are also used in this industry.


Pins used in the printing industry include folder pins, stripper bindery pins, pin holders, inserting tools, pin bars, sharp-pointed tools, steel awls, and blades.

Construction Materials

Construction standards increasingly require relief of air and moisture through building materials’ layers at a measured transfer rate. Perforating rolls and bars can create this perforation in various materials using pin sizes and density required to meet your needs.

Shrink Packaging

Release of entrapped air from shrink wrapping processes requires small perforations in the wrapping material immediately before the wrapping process. Our perforator wheels provide these perfs.

Metals Manufacturing

Scriber pins are used to mark directly on hard materials like metal, but also wax and plastics. These strong pins scratch directly into the surface that they are marking.

Brush & Comb Manufacturing

Rounded, stainless steel pins are popular in manufacturing animal brushes, particularly those used for de-matting and removing dirt and debris from animal coats. Brush and comb manufacturers also use hair combing pins, combing and splitting, and fiber hooking pins.


Industrial pins hold together the many layers that are being fused in the processes involved in lamination and converting. Perforations in laminate components allow the transfer of adhesives between laminations. In these same processes, perforation tools are employed to ease the separation of the newly minted laminate materials. Additional tools for this industry include stripper bindery pins, pin holders, and inserting tools.


Card pins are both ancient and modern components in textile manufacturing – specifically, for the process of cleaning and straightening fibers to be wound into thread. Balls of fiber are repeatedly pulled through carding pins affixed to a brush or block until the fibers are smooth, lay in the same direction, and are ready for spinning. Card pins, gill pins, tenter pins, round comber pins, slate pins, hackle pins, lumper pins, and 3-bar beater cylinders are just a few of the many pins and rolls that RAMSCO manufactures for the textile industry.

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