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Founded in 1955, Robert A. Main & Sons Manufacturing LLC (RAMSCO) is an established manufacturer of pins, pointed wire products, pinned rolls, perforator wheels, and custom precision pointed parts for discerning customers worldwide. From perforating rollers to newspaper pins to hackles and combs, family-owned RAMSCO is a trusted partner in providing quality products at competitive prices. We produce bespoke pins for any application and boast ready-to-ship stock of millions of pins in thousands of sizes. RAMSCO is dedicated to ensuring that our American-made products are manufactured with integrity and delivered promptly. For the precise pins you need, turn to RAMSCO – The Men of Steel!




Brass contact points, steel contact points, nail head discharge pins, pointer pins, wire cable harness assembly pins, terminal pins, electrical assembly pins, screw-in bases, discharge pins, and holding pins.

Construction Materials

Straightened and cut wires in any metal diameters, from .020” to 3/8”; lengths 1/4” to 24”, evening rolls, de-lumping rolls, breaker rolls, pin bars.


Stripper bindery pins, pin holders, and inserting tools.


Folder pins, perforation pins, stripper bindery pins, pin holders, inserting tools.


Card pins, gill pins, tenter pins, round comber pins, slate pins, hackle pins, lumper pins, 3-bar beater cylinders.


Folder, stripper bindery pins, pin holders, inserting tools, pin bars, sharp-pointed tool steel awls, scribers, and blades.

Brush & Comb Fabrication

Hair combing pins, combing and splitting pins, fiber hooking pins.


Pinned Rolls and Bars

RAMSCO pinned rolls are skillfully designed and manufactured to withstand extreme temperature conditions and are suitable for wet or dry use. The accuracy with which pins are placed on our rolls ensures that punctures and perforations are smooth, clean, and regular through cycle after cycle. Pins, points, and teeth can be placed in any configuration on a roll, and custom pin angles or spacings are accommodated.


Pins & Pointed Wires

We specialize in the production of metal pins and wire products. RAMSCO’s state-of-the-art New Jersey shop is capable of manufacturing vast quantities of pins and pointed wire products. In every lot, we prioritize absolute quality and reasonable cost. Additionally, we anticipate customers’ needs by stocking over 2,600 different sizes and styles of pins for immediate delivery.


Custom Precision Pointed Parts

RAMSCO offers truly bespoke precision parts for customers worldwide. Point customization options can be found in RAMSCO’s comprehensive product catalogs, [Pin Catalog (#14), Pinned Roll Catalog (#27)], and are available to any client, for any job. We offer bespoke manufacturing with close tolerances and expert finishing on each unique product. Private information is treated sensitively and respectfully, and we never disclose business or customer names, addresses, product orders, or sales.


Perforation Wheels

Perforations are incredibly versatile and are widely used for applications in the paper and plastic industries. The creation of these small, even cuts depends on a finely manufactured tool called a perforating wheel (or perf wheel). We offer common variations in perforation wheel design, including perforation wheels with internal bearings and flush sides, wheels with hub and set-screws, and wheels with hubs and bearings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell through distributors or can I buy directly from you?

RAMSCO works directly with businesses of any size. Our knowledgeable in-house sales staff will work with you to find or make the exact item you need.

What types of secondary work do you do?

Our secondary services include making pins with knurls, bends, heads, and the placement of pins in various assemblies.

Do you stock perforating rolls?

We stock hand rollers and can make our RP series of rolls for quick delivery. Most of our perforating rolls are custom-made. We gladly work with customers to ensure each roll meets their exact specifications.

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