Perforator Wheels


Perforator Wheels

Perforations are small holes cut in a material that are typically evenly spaced and run continuously. The purpose of perforation is to create a partially separated area on a material that acts as a guide for folding, tearing, cutting, or creasing that material (think of perforated cling wrap, or the edges of old fax or copy paper).

Perforations are incredibly versatile and are widely used for applications in the paper and plastic industries. These small, even cuts depend on a finely manufactured tool called a perforating wheel.

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RAMSCO perforator wheels

…(or perf wheels) are primarily used in the shrink wrap packaging industry to allow the escape of entrapped air from within the wrap. Perforator wheels are typically 2” in diameter and 1.5” long and have inside diameters that are determined by the customer’s needs. Perforator wheels are manufactured from acetal or aluminum and are pinned with carbon steel or stainless steel pins.

Perforator wheels are efficiently manufactured in our Fair Lawn, New Jersey Factory. Acetal or aluminum rounds are machined and precision drilled to accept hardened steel or stainless pins in the pattern and projection required by our customers. Set screws, integrated O-rings, varied pin sizes, and other features are also machined into the parts when needed.

We manufacture perforator wheel parts for both OEMs and packaging machine distributors. We strive to keep components and complete perforator wheels on hand for speedy delivery to our customers.

We offer accessories and complementary products to RAMSCO perforator wheels, including acetal grooved backup wheels, roller brush backup rollers, coil brushes, bristle pads, perf pins, spacers, SFP-X3 perforators, O-rings & washers, foam washers, and split aluminum collars.

We can offer custom solutions to your perf wheel needs – a phone call to our team can move you closer to your perfect product.

We offer common variations in design, including perforation wheels with internal bearings and flush sides, wheels with hub and set-screws, and wheels with hubs and bearings. Additionally, there are options for perforating wheels with up to four rows of pins. Our standard stock features wheel hubs that range from 1-4” OD and wheel width from ¼ – ¾”. All perforating wheels are manufactured from aluminum, plastic, or steel, and feature pins made of steel or stainless steel to facilitate perforation.

RAMSCO stocks hand rollers and can make our RP series of rolls for quick delivery. If the perforating wheels or rolls in our catalog don’t fit the bill, contact us to discuss manufacturing your custom perforation solution.