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Pins and Pointed Wire Products


At Robert A. Main & Sons, Manufacturing LLC we make quality metal parts our whole business and if a metal part you need doesn’t exist, we’ll make it. We manufacture products from round wire such as: basic steel, low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, high carbon steel, tool steel, music wire, and all types of stainless steel, monel, brass, copper, tungsten, special/unusual steels, pinned rolls and more.

Secondary operations can be performed in our plant for you as follows:
Heat treat, polish (regular or bright) [90% of our products are supplied heat treated and polished with costs that are extremely low], bend, knurl, flatten, thread, form, mill, drill, plate, tumble, butt chamfer, anneal and temper.

Main can drop ship for you, bulk package, by count, by weight, or envelope. In addition, we can head all points one way, do sub-assembly for you, drill holes, soften and supply you with cut-off wires to close tolerances, straighten and cut wires in any length up to 30″ long or longer by special request.

Our wire parts are made in diameters from .020″ to 7/16″ diameter – (and any size in between): in lengths from .125″ to 24″ long – tolerance on lengths is normally +/- 0.010”, diameters +/- 0.001” – other parts have tolerances as required.

At Main, you have a world of metal parts at your finger tips for use in any application.

TERMS: Round, “Regular Stock” steel pins, minimum order for many sizes. Special orders, per quote.

SHIPMENT: Stock items are immediate. Made to order, as indicated.

QUOTATIONS: We will gladly quote you on your exact part or send us blueprints or sketches along with a sample if possible.

MATERIALS: Most of our stock parts are heat treated, or can be if required. Many of our pins and points are polished or bright finished and we can supply pins and points in lengths from approximately 1/8″ to 24″ and diameters from .020″ to 7/16″. Parts are made in all metals at economical prices

QUANTITIES: Large quantities are our specialty and can be economically produced. We also carry small quantities of over 2,600 different sizes in stock. (With many sizes in quantities up to 100,000 pieces or more.) Special sizes are made to your exact specifications.

The points shown can be supplied
with any of the ends shown.


Examples of some of the pins we make:



1.Dipping pin
2. Brass toilet bowl
3. Perforating pin
4. Assembly pin
5. Taper pin
6. Last pin
7. Contact pin
8. Screw base
9. Screw in hex
10. Folder pin
11. Honing pin
12. Paint dipping
13. Skewer pin
14. Knurled awl
15. Cooking pin
16. Assembly pin
17. Probe point pin
18. Balance pin
19. Tuning pin
20. Perforating pin
21. Hex screw pin
22. Wire harness
23. Wire harness
24. Flat picker pin

25. Pointer pin
26. Doffer  tooth
27. Spear point pin
28. Diaphram pin
29. Nail head blunt
30. Ice pick point
31. Awl point
32. Firing pin
33. Cylinder pin
34. Dart point
35. Picker pin
36. Knurled pin
37. Balance pin
38. Step point pin
39. Pointed music
40. Bow pin
41. Perforator pin
42. Eye pin
43. Cylinder pin
44. Tire pin
45. Chisel point pin
46. Assembly pin
47. Shear pin
48. Blunt pin
49. Wedge pin
50. Assembly pin

51. Shear pin
52. Axle pin
53. Ice chipper pin
54. Vaccine needle
55. Scriber hook
56. Contact pin
57. Electronics pin
58. Knurled base
59. Ribbed folder
60. Bottle
61. Compass point
62. Picker tooth
63. Test pin
64. Perforating pin
65. Nail head picker
66. I.D. pin
67. Pivot point
68. Tire cord
69. Bag pin
70. Bag pin
71. Perforating pin
72. Slat pin
73. Ice pick blade
74. Awl point