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Q. Do you sell through distributors or can I buy directly from you?

A. We work direct with businesses small and large. Our knowledgeable inside sales staff will work with you to find or make the exact item you need. 

Q. What are your pins used for?

A. Customers use our pins in all types of assemblies for mechanical and electronic uses. Our pins comb fibers in the textile industry, in the brush making industry and our pins put holes in many different types of materials in various industries. Our pins are used as locator pins, assembly pins, air release pins and in many, many other applications.

Q. Do you keep pins in stock?

A. We have millions of pins in thousands of different sizes in stock and if it is not in stock we can likely make the exact pin you need.

Q. What types of secondary work do you do?

A. We can make pins with knurls, bends, heads, and we can put pins in all types of assemblies.

Q. What kind of perforating do you do?

A. We provide the rolls you can use to perforate in your plant. Download our perforating catalog for a complete description of the types of rolls we make.

Q. Do you stock perforating rolls?

A. We stock hand rollers and can make our RP series of rolls for quick delivery. Most of our perforating rolls are made to a customer’s exact specifications. We will work with you to make the exact roll you need.

Q. What materials can your roll perforate?

A. Our rolls can be made to perforate foils, films, paper, cardboard, vinyl, plastics and many other materials. 

Q. What kind of holes do your rolls make?

A. Our perforating devices and rolls use a single die to penetrate material and push it aside. We can perforate a sample of your material to show you the exact kind of hole you can expect. 

Q. I have a roll that needs to be re-pinned. Can you do this.

A. We can re-pin most rolls. Once we have your roll in house we can examine it and give you an exact price. 

Q. I want to make my own perforating device. Can I buy the pins from you?

A. Yes, we will be glad to sell you the pins you need.

Q. How can I get your catalogs?

A. We will be glad to send you any of our catalogs. You can call, fax or e-mail and request our complete catalogs. Or, you can download our pin catalog or our perforating catalog now. Just click on this link for an easy download.